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Dogs for Adoption

Hi 👋 I’m Adele and I still have not gotten adopted! Everyone says how beautiful I am, but I ALWAYS get overlooked by the new puppy in town or the newest purebred dog that gets posted. I may be a street dog but boy do I have a lot to offer!

I will store away your socks in a safe place for you, I will keep you in shape when you exercise with me and I will always show you excitement when you take me outside to play. I will always protect you and will always keep you on your toes.

If you need a forever companion, I’m here waiting…
I have been waiting for 353 days and it’s getting harder to not lose hope.  Please don’t let me be the last one standing (alone). I deserve to be loved too.

If you are my hero please send in an application to

IMG_0438 copy-2 copy.jpeg

Rocky is a Jack Russell/ Chihuahua mix male, about 1.5 years old and 8 lbs. He is fully vetted, neutered and microchipped. He is a very happy dog, always looking to play and full of energy. He is great with other dogs and kids. He also loves to cuddle and get affection. He would do great with someone that has time to play with him and give him all the attention and love he deserves.

Please fill out an adoption application from our website if you are interested in this little guy.
The last photo represents his real personality ;)


Denver is a shy and sweet 3 month old very fluffy Xolo. She likes to play hard to get yet when she can’t see her person and knows they are around she will bark and cry. For this reason she would do best living in a house with someone who either works from home or does not work long hours. She loves to be cuddled once you pick her up but does need to work on her confidence. We prefer people that either have experience with this breed but will consider an adopter that is open to learning and open to addressing their needs. If interested in being considered as a potential adopter you must complete an application through our website and follow all the steps in our application process.


Destin is a sweet, spunky and attention seeking 3 month old Xolo ready to go to a foster 2 Adopt home. She loves to play and seeks everyone’s attention. She could be needy at times and will whimper and cry when left alone and knows her person is nearby. She likes to play with her siblings yet will show caution around bigger dogs. She’s a good eater as she is the heaviest of her siblings now at 4 lbs and needs to burn her energy with lots of playtime.  We prefer a family who either works from home or does not have long work hours away from home and with experience with this breed but are open to adopting to a family that is open to learn and will raise their new puppy with lots of patience and understanding. If interested in being considered as a Potential Adopter, you will need to complete an application through our website and follow all the steps in our application process.

This is Hazel! She a three year old mixed breed. Hazel was found in the middle of an intersection on a pouring afternoon. There was an attempt made to catch Hazel but she quickly directed us to her previous home. It was made very clear by her previous owners that she was left out because she was no longer wanted in her home. Hazel lived in an outdoor create without roofing along with two of her siblings. 


I’m happy to say that after three months of fostering is officially available for adoption! Hazel is crate, potty trained and dog friendly. She has been vaccinated, spayed and microchipped: All documentation will be provided. 


Hazel loves to go on walks around the neighborhood, spend quality time on the couch and endless pets. Hazel would be best in a home without cats and with a family who is patient, loving and has an active lifestyle as she is a dog filled with liveliness. Hazel has eyes filled with love and embraces affection as it’s something that she didn’t experience in her early life. 


If you are interested in adopting Hazel, please feel free to contact Cielo at 786-309-0207 regarding any questions about Hazel. She would be happy to assist you through the adoption process to ensure this is the absolute best family for Hazel.  Or you can also go and fill out an adoption application from our website and follow the steps in the adoption process. We will reach out to you as soon as we get the application cleared.

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Dakota is a 3 month old spunky and independent Xolo puppy. She is fearless and loves to play with other dogs without hesitation. She has a mind of her own just like the kid who won’t leave the playground when it’s time to go home.. lol. Dakota loves cuddling on her terms and is very smart and resourceful. She definitely loves to be the leader of the pack.  She is available to go to a foster 2 adopt home that is local to Miami Dade or Broward.  If you would like to be considered as a potential adopter you must complete an application through our website and follow all the steps in our application process.

Demi is a 6 year old Xoloitzcuintli and is the sweetest girl ever. She will do best in a home with a stay at home mom or someone that works remote and with someone with experience with this breed. She gets anxious when she is away from her person. She will pick one person and be fine around others but will flinch when others pet her. This is common in her breed. Demi is crate trained but if left loose in the house when alone for too long she may have a pee accident. She is happiest as a lap dog and will give you love and kisses all day long.

She is available for adoption and her adoption fee includes all vaccinations, spay and microchip. If interested in this cute young lady please submit an application through

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