Dogs for Adoption

Skittles is a sweet and spunky shepherd mix girl. She is young and full of puppy energy. She had a rough start in like as she was found abandoned in the streets of Miami with her 2 siblings. Skittles goes potty in the pads and outside so potty training should not be too challenging. She knows to sit for a treat and plays well with other dogs. Skittles would benefit from living in a home with another four-legged sibling to play with her and show her the ropes. She is very affectionate and loving with humans and loves belly rubs and pets. If interested in adopting this sweet girl, please submit an application and e-mail it to the rescue!

Liam is our sweet, blind, and special needs puppy who has been recovering in the rescue for the past few months after suffering from a bad head injury. Liam is partially neurological on his front right paw and has come a long way since he was first rescued.
The perfect home for him would be a stay at home parent who had the time and resources to help him continue thriving and building muscle tone on his weak leg and teach him through love and training how to live a long and full life as a blind dog. If you feel you can offer Liam his best ever life and assure that he will never be hurt again please contact us.

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Callie is a young bully mix puppy who is very playful, smart, and loyal. Callie loves attention and an ideal home for her would be a family who works from home and can give her the love and attention she deserves. We would like to see her go to an experiences dog owner who will properly socialize her and teach her proper manners early on. Her adopter must agree to take her to dog training to ensure proper socialization with other animals. Callie is not dog friendly and must go to a home where she is the only dog. If you think you could be a good fit for our sweet and spunky Callie, please submit an application and follow the steps on our adoption process.

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My name is Adele, but I am also known as “Sock Thief”. I am a 10-month-old pup that was found on the streets by a caring person who took me in but couldn’t keep me due to her physical limitations and because of this I was surrender to the rescue. My foster mommy thinks I am a sweet, affectionate, and a super playful pup who enjoys hours of playing tug-a-war and chasing water. I am a curious pup who likes to explore my surroundings by sniffing and tasting things. I am currently being crate trained which means when I am left home alone or sleeping, I am put in my secure crate which is very cozy. At the end of the day, I like to jump on the couch and snooze with people and dogs. Overall, I am the happiest when I am doing something active. I have lots of energy, so I’m looking for a home that is active. I am ready to find my forever home with lots of socks! If interested in adopting this sweet girl, please submit an application and e-mail it to the rescue!

Sometimes we meet a dog that becomes an important part of our life. He helps you through a difficult situation in your life that affects you emotionally in such a deep way that only your furry best friend is able to help you through the hurdles you face in your

daily life. Nothing helps you more than the unconditional love and security that your new protector provides.

Your life has a dark void when you have PTSD and Anxiety. Some may say with time things will be better. The trauma of what you went through will be less and less with each passing day. But no one will ever accept you as unconditionally as a dog who has been trained to redirect you when you have panic attacks, who will hold you down when you feel you are losing control, who will pick up on your anxiety even when you have become a pro and hiding it behind the smiles you give your family and friends so they think you are ok.

Once in a lifetime (perhaps twice) you find that dog who changes your life in such a positive way that you can go outside and face the world you have been hiding from.
This is what Indy did for his chosen human he was protecting and helping heal from PTSD and Anxiety. His human doesn’t want to give him up but unforeseen circumstances that occurred in the home are forcing him to be rehomed.
It brings me to tears as I write this because I know what it’s like to feel protected and loved unconditionally by a dog and it saddens me that someone who has flourished because of Indy has to say goodbye to her best friend.

The intention of this post is not to bring judgement or criticism, but simply to help find the right home for Indy.
Indy was trained by her human to pick up on her signs of anxiety and would comfort her before she would go into a panic attack. If you have PTSD or Anxiety and are looking for an emotional support dog
, please submit an application and follow the steps on our adoption process.

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Diva is 6 years old, spayed, fully vetted , housebroken, and extremely lovable. She is a very well behaved girl like many Frenchies. She had skin allergies which are cleared and loves to get her belly rubbed.
Diva could be a little dog selective but with proper introductions and patience she may be ok with another dog. If you have experience with the breed and are interested in giving our sweet Diva her forever home, please complete an application on our website and follow the steps in our adoption process.

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This is Hunny! She's a sweet girl who is just so happy to get love. She loves pets, belly rubs and giving kisses. Her love language is definitely physical touch! She has a lot of energy and loves toys. She is learning no jumping and basic commands like sit, stay, etc. She is a puppy and has puppy energy and puppy attention span, which is being worked on. She is fully crate trained and mostly potty trained. She is dog friendly and loves playing with her foster brother. If you're looking for a companion, Hunny is your girl! If interested in adopting this sweet girl, please complete an application on our website and follow the steps in our adoption process.

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