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Jodi Brenner Rehabilitation Fund

Jodi Brenner was a wife, mother of 2 wonderful boys, Jackson and Logan and a doggie mom to Ella, who she adopted from Rescue Paws 4 Furry Hearts on June 18, 2020. Little did I know how much Ella would change Jodi’s life from the moment she adopted her.  Her love for Ella was always very evident in her Social Media posts and in how she kept in touch with me after Ella was adopted.  A few weeks prior to Jodi’s passing, she reached out to me because her son wanted to help the rescue in some way since that’s where they adopted their precious Ella.  They were going to come to our next adoption event to help with the dogs. Then I got a very unexpected text from Jodi’s husband, Evan. He informed me of Jodi’s unexpected passing and how he wanted family and friends to donate to the rescue in lieu of flowers or food for the family. It was the most selfless and humble thing anyone has ever done for the rescue.  How I wish circumstances were different and Jodi could be with us today. She would have been an amazing volunteer and voice for our rescue dogs.  This is why I would like to start the Jodi Brenner Rehabilitation Fund to help dogs and puppies that are victims of neglect and abandonment like her family dog Ella was after we rescued her from a backyard breeding home in Homestead.  Since Jodi’s passing we have received $2,503 in donations which will be used to help our abandoned and neglected dogs in the rescue. If you would like to donate to the Jodi Brenner Rehabilitation Fund please scan on one of the QR codes below.  Thank you for your generous heart 💜 

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