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Leia's Birth Announcement

When we decided to bring Leia, a 10 year old possibly (and then definitely) pregnant Beagle, Sandra was very nervous. She was worried and had many uncertainties due to her age and her pregnancy. Many people told us how it would be a high risk pregnancy and that she may not be able to give birth on her own and would need a possible cesarean section. Leia was tough to figure out when it came to active labor. She was restless and nesting for days and our amazing fosters/volunteers/puppy delivery team, Karina and Kristy, pulled an all nighter with Sandra on the first day of Leia's nesting behavior. Leia's nesting was a mess of pulling at pee pads, laying down, napping and repeating. We were all on pins and needles. Finally, on May 15, Leia gave birth to five puppies. The first was Cici, who was breech, at 10:49 am. Then came Rikki who was also breech at around 12:20 pm. Bret was born at 12:35 pm, followed by Bobby at 1:01 pm and Angel, breech, at 1:50 pm. They all were between 0.5-0.6 lbs. They are now beginning to open their eyes. They love their cuddles and milk! Thank you for all of you who have donated, prayed, and sent well wishes for Leia and her babies!

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So cute!! Can't wait to see these babies grow up 💓

Me gusta
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